How to Set up GoDaddy Domain with Vercel

Kirsten Swanson
4 min readMar 14, 2021


Vercel deployments for your apps are a breeze and easy to set up. Vercel has great documentation about how to configure custom domains, but if you’re not so familiar with GoDaddy’s platform it can be difficult navigating to the DNS area. Vercel automatically assigns a domain to your project at deployment, but if you’re looking to use a custom GoDaddy domain, here are the steps to configure:

  1. First, you have already purchased a domain from GoDaddy and want to redirect your Vercel app to this domain.
  2. Go to your project on the Vercel platform. In the Overview tab of your Vercel project, click on the “View Domains” button.

3. Enter your GoDaddy domain in the input, which adds it to your project.

Vercel Domain Settings

4. After you add the domain you are given this “Invalid Configuration” message and given the option to either configure your domain by A record or Nameservers (A Record method recommended). Choose which method you would like to configure your domain.

Vercel Domain Invalid Configuration

5. Go to your GoDaddy account to manage your DNS. Navigate to your domain list. Select your domain you want your Vercel app to redirect to.

GoDaddy Domains Nav

6. In the Domain Settings, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to the block titled “Additional Settings.” Turn the Domain Lock “Off.” Click on the Manage DNS link to configure your DNS.

GoDaddy Additional Settings for Domain

7. This next step is dependent upon whether you chose the A Record or Nameservers method to configure the…



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